Full wall mural detailing a forest scene bringing a nature perspective inside.

Full wall mural (abstract) teamed with lime green shade emulsion on walls to create a vivid but energising contrast.

Lower hallway being prepared for decoration with newly plastered walls. Any imperfections were filled and finished. All woodwork sanded ready for painting. Skirting boards and front door were caulked to improve finish.

Stair preparation for decoration-woodwork sanded- bannister, stair rail and risers. Ceilings painted with one mist coat and one two full coats of white emulsion.

Stairway finished and carpeted with Mellow Mocha on walls and White Gloss on woodwork.

Lower hallway and entrance finished with Dulux Mellow Mocha Endurance and White Gloss on skirting and architrave.

Victorian house- Lower hallway prepared for decoration. All woodwork sanded to prepare for painting. Imperfections on walls and ceilings were filled and finished.

Lower hallway newly painted. White emulsion on decorative ceiling. Magnolia matt finish on walls and white gloss on woodwork.

Bedroom decoration. Wallpaper stripped from feature wall to reveal another layer of wallpaper, then paint underneath.

All layers of wallpaper and paint stripped from wall back to bare plaster. Walls then needed a mist coat before a full coat of white emulsion. Ceiling painted with white emulsion.

Finally two coats of magnolia silk emulsion were applied to walls. Woodwork was finished using white gloss.

Lower hallway about to be prepared for decorating. Wallpaper was stripped off the lower half going up the entire stairs. Walls were then filled and sanded for improved finish. Woodwork throughout, including front door was sanded ready for painting. Ceiling was painted with white emulsion.

All woodwork finished with white gloss. Walls were painted with a white coat of emulsion then finished with two top coats of magnolia silk emulsion. Radiator was sprayed with white enamel.

Front room about to be decorated. All woodwork stripped back to bare wood as paint could be chipped off. Holes and cracks in walls were sanded and filled to prepare for better finish. Ceiling was painted with white emulsion.

All woodwork including doors were painted with white gloss. Walls were finished with two coats of magnolia silk emulsion on top of a base white emulsion coat.

Bedroom being prepared for decorating. Walls filled and sanded. Woodwork sanded and undercoated. Walls painted with white emulsion. Ceilings painted with white emulsion.

Two coats of magnolia silk applied to walls. White gloss applied to woodwork.

Bedroom preparation- Wallpaper stripped and walls filled and sanded. Woodwork sanded and caulked ready for painting. Lining paper applied to walls. Ceilings were painted with white emulsion.

Two coats of magnolia matt emulsion applied to lining paper. Woodwork finished with white gloss. Embossed wallpaper applied to feature wall.

Front room preparation for decorating. All newly plastered walls and ceilings.

Flooring covered to protect. Woodwork prepared for painting by sanding including cupboards and doors. White undercoat applied to new skirting boards. Mist coat applied to bare plaster ceiling and walls.Two full coats of white emulsion applied after.

Two coats of light brown emulsion applied to walls on top of white emulsion pre-layers.

Living Room finished with Dulux Berry shade on feature wall.

Kitchen redecorated with Dulux shade Lime Green on walls.

Woodwork finished with Dulux White (water-based) Satin Paint.